Wallet Integration
At 2018-11-03 By Josh

Note: This document from Wallet Integration.

The wallet function includes giving an account for digit asset and digital identity. wallet Specification

Wallet function lists:

ModuleSub ModuleTest case
Wallet managementcreateUse the mnemonic words when creating wallet(Based on BIP39 and BIP44 specifications)
exportExport keystore
importImport keystore to wallet
Import from the mnemonic words
Import from private key
Import from WIF
deleteDelete wallet account
Information serviceQuery balance of ONT&ONG
Query details of ONT&ONG
Query unclaim ONT&ONG
Transfer AssetsTransferONT/ONG transfer
ONG Claim
ONT ID managementCreateCreate a new ONT ID and write it in blockchain
ImportImport keystore of ONT ID
ExportExport keystore of ONT ID
Information serviceQuery ONT ID events , create, delete,etc.
Query ONT ID

The specifications of sdk implementations wallet are Currently:

Java SDK :Java SDK

TypeScript SDK :Ts SDK

Android SDK :Android SDK

Golang SDK :Go SDK

Python SDK :Python SDK