Ontology CLI
At 2018-11-03 By Josh

Note: This document from Ontology CLI.

NAME: ont5.exe - Ontology CLI

    Ontology CLI is an Ontology node command line Client for starting and managing Ontology nodes,
    managing user wallets, sending transactions, deploying and invoking contract, and so on.

USAGE: ont5.exe [options] command command options

COMMANDS: account Manage accounts info Display information about the chain asset Handle assets contract Deploy or invoke smart contract import Import blocks to DB from a file export Export blocks in DB to a file buildtx Build transaction sigtx Sign to transaction multisigaddr Generate multi-signature address multisigtx Sign to multi-signature transaction sendtx Send raw transaction to Ontology showtx Show info of raw transaction. help, h Shows a list of commands or help for one command

ONTOLOGY OPTIONS: --config Genesis block config . If doesn't specifies, use main net config as default. --loglevel Set the log level to (0~6). 0:Trace 1:Debug 2:Info 3:Warn 4:Error 5:Fatal 6:MaxLevel (default: 2) --disable-event-log Discard event log output by smart contract execution --data-dir Block data storage (default: "./Chain")

ACCOUNT OPTIONS: --wallet , -w Wallet (default: "./wallet.dat") --account

, -a
when the Ontology node starts. If not specific, using default account instead --password , -p Account when Ontology node starts.

CONSENSUS OPTIONS: --enable-consensus Start consensus module --max-tx-in-block Max transaction in block (default: 60000)

TXPOOL OPTIONS: --gasprice Min gas price of transaction to be accepted by tx pool. (default: 500) --gaslimit Min gas limit of transaction to be accepted by tx pool. (default: 20000) --disable-tx-pool-pre-exec Disable preExecute in tx pool --disable-sync-verify-tx Disable sync verify transaction in interface --disable-broadcast-net-tx Disable broadcast tx from network in tx pool

P2P NODE OPTIONS: --reserved-only

Connect reserved peers
only --reserved-file Reserved peers (default: "./peers.rsv") --networkid Network id . 1=ontology main net, 2=polaris test net, 3=testmode, and other for custom network (default: 1) --nodeport P2P network port (default: 20338) --consensus-port Consensus network port . Effectively after set --dual-port parameter (default: 20339) --dual-port Enable a dual network, P2P network for transaction messages and for consensus messages. --max-conn-in-bound Max connection in bound (default: 1024) --max-conn-out-bound Max connection out bound (default: 1024) --max-conn-in-bound-single-ip Max connection in bound for single ip (default: 16)

RPC OPTIONS: --disable-rpc Shut down the rpc server. --rpcport Json rpc server listening port (default: 20336) --localrpc Enable local rpc server --localrpcport Json rpc local server listening port (default: 20337)

RESTFUL OPTIONS: --rest Enable restful api server --restport Restful server listening port (default: 20334)

WEB SOCKET OPTIONS: --ws Enable web socket server --wsport Ws server listening port (default: 20335)

TEST MODE OPTIONS: --testmode Single node network for testing. In test mode, will start rpc, rest, web socket server, and set default gasprice to 0 --testmode-gen-block-time

MISC OPTIONS: --help, -h show help --version, -v print the version